food freedom

‚ÄčWhy not you? 

Is it time to recommit yourself to you? Is it time to approach life differently in terms of reclaiming your health? 

Let me let you in on a secret, you can lose the weight you want and tone your body by simply changing what's on your plate.  

The GLOS Plan is an easy to follow template that allows you to eat tasty foods without starving or feeling you're extremely limited to rabbit food (salads only).  I'm here to tell you that help is here. 

Join my 5 week New Year plan to embrace healthy eating habits. 

 The GLOS Plan provides structure, support, meal options, motivation, accountability and food science made super easy to follow.  I will never tell my clients to "take a pill" for weight loss, but I will surely work with them helping them design meals that will get them the results they want.  

Claim your slot now.  Let's get snatched for 2021.

What's included: 

-Meal templates for breakfast-

-Meal templates for lunch-

-Meal templates for dinner-

-Tips for laser focused grocery shopping needs-

-Consistent accountability-

-Variety of options to prepare simple, but nourishing meals-

-Low calorie meal tips-

-Creative snack ideas for weight loss-

-Motivational Videos-

-Explanations of food science made super simple-

-Small, private food community for support-

-Food positive affirmations-

-Self love tips-

-Body love guidance and tips for all shapes-

January 1, 2021  to February 5, 2021

5 week GLOS Plan


Per person


(Enter $60 after clicking the link)